Sunday, 27 November 2011

An Embarrasment of Titles

The Catholic Truth Society's website is a mostly unremarkable corner of the internet, so that when I went to order one of their titles I was surprised to discover the most comprehensive list of titles I have ever encountered in a website's checkout.  It starts off with the usual, "Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms." and then adds in a couple of others that one might reasonably expect to find on the website of a Catholic publishing company, such as "Father" and "Sister."  Pretty soon, however, it starts to look like they're really trying to cover all their bases.  There are a lot of ecclesiatical titles which one would almost (but not quite) expect of them, up to and including "Cardinal" (the Pope, presumably, having secretaries to do his online ordering for him).  "Ambassador" is a bit of a surprise.  There is "Baroness" but not baron and both "Lord" and "Lady."  Best of all, they have an option for "Prince."  The only glaring omission, I feel, is for "other."  Perhaps they feel their list is sufficiently comprehensive as to render it unnecessary. 

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