Monday, 12 September 2011

The New Translation

Because I have had a couple of busy weekends away in the last few weeks, I have attended Sunday Mass at three different churches on three consecutive weeks.  On each of the past three Sundays, I have heard the announcement "from next week, we will be using the new translation of the missal." 

I can only assume the new translation is trying to avoid me. 

Anyway, I'm sure I will finally get to hear it this week.  Even if I'm lazy and don't go to a weekday Mass, I should be in York at my usual parish church next Sunday. 

As for what I think?  I'm not sure what I think and I'm trying not to have too much of an opinion of it until I get it internalised.   I've been hearing the older translation, on and off, since the age of five and I'm fond of it.  When I came to the Church two years ago, asking to join, I slipped into the words of the Mass like a comfortable, comforting pair of slippers.  But that doesn't mean the translation to which I have an emotional attachment is better, and I'm not sure I trust my own prejudices in this matter. 

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