Friday, 30 July 2010

Time and Energy

I'm out and about now having had a fairly varied week with ups and downs in energy levels. I'm still easily tired out but sitting here doing not very much, I feel fine. It's a pity I'm in the Pennines rather than the Vale of York - there's just not much flat terrain to walk on here in Halifax.

This is the tough bit. I'm not quite well enough to get about under my own steam and actually do things on my own, but I am well enough to be grumpy about it. In some respects (although by no means all respects) being in hospital was rather easier.

I like anything which gives me routine. Back before March when my health took a sudden turn for the worse, I would get up at 7am each morning, which is not super-early, but it is earlier than I needed or wanted to and usually before my housemates. I'd pray morning prayer from the LoTH before going about my daily business. It was routine, and it was good.

Now my sleeping pattern is completely unpredictable, as are my energy and concentration levels, so I have all this time - more time than I have had since childhood school summer holidays - and seem to spend most of it playing Rome: Total War or reading Pffft.

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